Everyone is welcome at the YMCA! Please contact us if one of these types does not fit your household. 

Benefits of a YMCA Membership

No contracts to sign
If signing up for monthly bank/credit card draft, only requires 15 days written notice to stop monthly bank/credit card draft
30-day Money Back Guarantee
Free Child Watch while you work out (for those who have at least an Adult + 1/Child membership)
Lower prices on Y programs
Nationwide Membership program to use at other participating Ys when traveling


My Y Pricing 

A simple, easy-to-understand pricing model that applies the appropriate membership rate based on the number of people in your household who choose to be members.

Adult, ages 18-61 - $54

Senior, ages 62 & older - $46

Additional Adult (18+) - $16
Additional Senior (62+) - $11
**Children - $6
**Children over the age of 18, that are enrolled in college full-time, may stay on your membership as a child until age 26. Also, you can add all of the children that live in your household, but you will only pay for the first 2.

We also offer a 1-Teen membership for teens ages 12-17. This membership type is for one teen only.

Teen - $34

A one-time fee due at sign-up for a new membership. New is defined as not having a Y membership in the last 30 days. Your fee may be reduced based upon your Membership For All or Open Doors membership type.
Adult & Senior Membership Types: $75
1-Teen Membership Type: $25

Membership for All

If your total household income is less than $60,000, you will qualify for an adjusted membership rate through our Membership for All program. In order to adjust your rate, you must present a current tax return to verify household income at the time you join and again every two years. If you are joining online, please take your registration receipt with you to the Y along with your income verification documents. A Welcome Center Staff Member will be glad to review your documents and adjust your next monthly membership rate. If you are paying for your Membership for All membership in full for one year, you may only join at the Welcome Center. Accepted documents for income verification include the 1040, 1040EZ or 1040A. A staff member will view line 22 of your 1040, line 4 of your 1040EZ or line 15 of your 1040A. Please click the Membership for All sections for information.

Calculate Your Customized Rate

Use our calculator to estimate your monthly membership rate. The calculator assumes you will have one individual (age 18+) on the membership. You may add additional adults and children. Select your annual household income to view your monthly membership rate.




If you would like to join in person, please click below to download our membership application, fill it out and take it with you to the Y branch Welcome Center of your choice along with your income verification documents if necessary.


Please click and complete the Membership Waiver below before continuing registration.

Once completed it will send you a verification email. Please click the box that says Confirm Email Address. It will bring you back to the registration page so you can continue.

Find the Membership That’s Best For You

Which option best describes the type of membership you need?

2 Adults

2 Adults ages 18-61 in same household

1 Adult

1 Adult (ages 18-61)

1 Teen

1 Teen (ages 11-17)

1 Adult/1 Child

1 Adult/1 Child

1 Adult ages 18-61 plus 1 Child ages 0-26 in the same household

2 Adults/1 Child

2 Adults ages 18-61 in same household plus 1 Child ages 0-26

1 Senior

1 Senior ages 62+

2 Seniors

2 Seniors ages 62+ in the same household

2 Adults/2+ Children

2 Adults/2+ Children

2 Adults ages 18-61 plus 2 or more Children ages 0-26 in the same household

1 Adult/2+ Children

1 Adult (ages 18-61)  plus 2 or Children (ages 0-26) in the same household.